Digital Marketing - It addresses all pains of conventional marketers.

A decade back I switched my career to marketing. I was proficient in utilizing available tools and resources to get desired results. However something was amiss!!

We deployed ATL (Above-The-Line) mediums like TV, Radio, Newspapers, Billboards etc to communicate with masses. BTL (Below-The-Line) medium like signages, leaflets, events etc were used to communicate our product features and increase brand recall. Segmented promotion through SMS, e-Mails, telecalling were also done to increase life-value of customer. However limitations imposed by these mediums were suffocating.

It was impossible to measure effectiveness of each campaigns. RoI (Return-on-Investment) could not be measured except at overall level that too with glaring inaccuracies. Most of the communication were intrusive in nature. Customization at individual or small segment level could not be done. Little direct information was available about customer behavior and preference. Hence adequate consideration to customer preference for language, time, mediums etc. could not be given. 

  • Now I was able to reach individuals directly as per their preferred medium, language and time.
  • Customer online behavior was available to me. So I could target only potential customer who are likely to be interested in our product. Significant saving of effort and money for me!!
  • Effectiveness of each communication can tracked. Based on these I was able to tweak my campaigns on real-time basis. No more anxiety and uncertainty!!
  • Earned medium is pull-based. Customer engagement is high and so is the reward. RoI is almost infinite.
  • Social media promotion integrates seamless with customer activity. Customer engagement of these platforms are very high and so is there attention to our promotion.
All these and more such benefits made marketer and customer’s life simple. I was mesmerized by its impact on my professional life and decided to learn all nuisances of this field. Digital Marketing Nano Degree program is another step in this direction.

The exciting journey will continue!!