High Value Customer Retention - Struggle for all Telecom Operators

High Value Customer (HVC) retention has been a priority for all telecom operators. Various campaigns are executed to retain and increase HVC base. Most common are;

  •  Upselling of products to enhance ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) of customers who were in HVC but have dropped out
  • Cross selling of products to improve stickiness
  • Retention offer to probable drop-outs 
and the list goes on.

However across operators same mistake is repeated i.e. looking at HVC base in silos. HVC customer do not look for discounting. Value seeking is not their nature even if they go for some impulse buying. They expect high quality service. Speedy resolution of issues faced. Clear and non intrusive communication from operators.

ECG (Engagement, Communication and Grievances) model addresses all above concerns and delivers what a HVC retention needs - A Holistic Approach.


  • Generic distribution of HVC base is as below.  Might vary from organization to organization.
  • Subscribers under each bucket is given a cooling period. If they do not use the connection for more than cooling period,  they are flagged in ECG base (Tagged – Marketing)

  • This is one of the most effective means. 
  • Set contact/promotion criteria for all segments.  Checking the adherence against switch report.
  • Any subscribers who has received higher promotion is flagged in ECG base (Tagged – Service Marketing)

  • Any potential HVC base raising a complaint is monitored.
  • Complaint crossing 24 hours is flagged in ECG Base (Tagged – Contact Centre)
Above parameters gives a complete picture of customers and their pain points. It requires regular monitoring to improve these parameters. Suggested monitoring method is;

  • Daily monitoring report is flashed across department. Weekly status reporting and key reasons for performance gap is discussed.
  • For Service Marketing tracking is on number of times contact matrix is breached for any subscriber. For marketing and contact center it is number of days passed after a subscriber was flagged.
  • For less engaged subscribers (marketing flagged) retention calling is initiated. Discussed as separate program.
This model provides basic framework for HVC retention. However multiple programs need to be launched for harnessing complete power of this model. All of that will be discussed in subsequent blogs.

Till then, please share your views!!